All your data in one place

Tent is a protocol for personal data and communications

Choose your host

Tent lets you control your data instead of handing it over to service and app providers. Just like email, you choose a Tent provider or can set up your own Tent server. Tent data and relationships are portable so you can change Tent providers easily at any time. Also like email, all Tent users are first class citizens, no matter what provider they use: you can communicate in real time with any user on any provider.

Choose your apps

Tent lets you use many different applications to access the same data. Different apps that use the same types of data are swappable. You don’t have to use the same application as your friends to communicate or share data with them.

Control your life

Tent can hold all your data forever. It is designed to store all types of data and power every kind of app that can be imagined. If an app stops being developed, you can use another app with your old data. If a service provider shuts down or acts badly, you can change providers or set up your own server without missing a beat. Tent adapts with you.


Like email and the web, Tent is protocol, not a platform. There is no central authority. No one can change the API terms of service or limit access. Build the apps you want, no one can shut you down. Tent is content agnostic, so almost any type of app can be powered by Tent.

Each user’s Tent server is responsible for storing and transferring data, so many Tent apps are stateless and require no server infrastructure. Ship binaries on your favorite app store that connect directly to your users' Tent servers. Users can control their own data and you don’t have to run or pay for servers. Because users' data is stored on their Tent servers, if your app doesn’t “phone home”, you never have to see or handle sensitive user data. Tent opens a world of possibilities for new types of apps beyond proprietary platforms.

Service Providers

Any company can become a Tent service provider and offer Tent hosting. Since Tent is a protocol not a platform, there is no central authority to limit participants in the ecosystem. Users control their own social graph and data. They can self host or choose a hosting service. Users can also migrate between hosts at any time.

Each user has one server and many apps. Since every Tent app works with every Tent server, users can choose the best apps and service provider for them. Tent apps range from microblogging and personal publishing to cloud-backed file sync. This means your ops team focuses on providing a single API that powers all applications.

Tent creates an open market where anyone can compete directly with Facebook, Dropbox, and iCloud for the consumer cloud storage market. Hosting companies compete on price, SLA, privacy, security, and other core competencies, not ownership of the biggest social graph.


Tent opens up new distribution channels and monetization options for content publishers. Since Tent is a protocol no outside company can intermediate the publisher-subscriber relationship. Users can subscribe to content sources, share with friends/repost to followers, and remix content. Tent has built-in support for micropayments so consumers can easily compensate publishers for creating great content, even when that content is remixed inside another content creator’s work.