How you can help Tent

Tent is still very young and needs your help. Everyone has different skills and interests that can help.

If you create or find out about any cool Tent projects, let us know!


Start using Tent

Like all social services, the more people who use Tent, the more useful it is to everyone. Either by self-hosting or using a hosting provider, get your Tent server set up and keep it up to date with the most recent software version. Like all new software, Tent has many bugs. Please report them here or email us.

Remember, Tent is still in alpha, so it’s not safe to use with information you would not want to be public and should not be considered reliable.

Help newcomers

Tent empowers users, but like other distributed systems (the web, email, BitTorrent, DNS) it can be hard for new users to understand. Help by creating “Getting Started” guides, tutorials, articles, and blog posts. Diagrams, animations, and videos can go a long way towards helping non-technical users understand how Tent works and why it matters.

Promote Tent

Tell people you know about Tent any way you can!

  • Put a link to this site on your website, advertise your Tent server on your business card, e-mail signature, and your HTTP headers.
  • Give a talk about Tent at your local tech or organization meetup.
  • Email the developers behind your favorite services and ask them to support Tent!


Develop Tent Apps

Tent enables new kinds of communication and sharing, developers can unlock that potential. Add Tent support to open and commercial apps or start from scratch. The protocol is still evolving, so stay in touch with the community as you develop.

Create Tent Libraries

Your favorite language or framework needs a Tent client library. If you can’t find a library on GitHub to contribute to, start writing one yourself!

Write Tutorials

Developers coming to Tent need a place to start. Blog articles, tutorials, getting started guides, and code samples are still in short supply.

Contribute to the Tent Core

Tent has many open source components that accept pull requests including tentd, the reference server implementation, TentStatus, a Tent microblogging app, and TentAdmin, a server administration app. Most of these apps were developed to demonstrate basic functionality and shipped with a limited feature set. Additions, changes, and forks are welcome. The documentation accompanying these projects and the Tent protocol are also community curated. All can be found on the Tent github.

Mailing List

You can subscribe and post to the development mailing list by emailing

IRC Channel

The official Tent IRC channel is #tent on Freenode.