Tent v0.3-WIP Documentation

Note well: There is no guarantee of API stability until Tent v1.0.

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Servers and Entities

Entity URLs

Each entity is identified by a Entity URL. This URL used to discover the meta post that describes the servers that represent the entity. The entity URL may be any standard HTTP/HTTPS URL that has no query parameters or fragment.


Discovery is the process of taking an Entity URL and finding the associated meta post in order to locate the servers that represent the entity.

There are two discovery methods, both utilizing Web Linking to point to the meta post. The preferred method is a HTTP Link header presented in response to a HEAD or GET request to the Entity URL. Alternatively, a HTML document may be served with a link tag. The rel used is https://tent.io/rels/meta-post. Multiple links may be provided, the first one that has a 200 response status with a valid meta post should be used.

HEAD entity
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Link: </posts/http%3A%2F%2Fbb216a47d970.alpha.attic.is/meta>; rel="https://tent.io/rels/meta-post"

HTML Example

GET entity
GET / HTTP/1.1
<!-- ... -->

<link href="https://mytent.example.com/posts/aaf43" rel="https://tent.io/rels/meta-post"/>

<!-- ... -->

Server Info