Tent Trademark and Logos

The basics

Please do nothing that could make someone think your project is official, sponsored, or approved by the Tent organization or the people who created Tent.

Also remember the protocol is called “Tent” or “the Tent protocol”, not “tent.io” which is just the address of the Tent website.

Please do these helpful things

  • Use the Tent logo or Marks to link to the Tent website.
  • Use the Marks in social buttons to link to your Tent entity or project.
  • Use the Tent logo or Marks to advertise that your product has built-in Tent integration.
  • Use the Tent logo or Marks in a blog post or news article about Tent.
  • Use the Tent logo or Marks talk about Tent at meetups and conferences
  • Use “Tent” in the name of Tent client software libraries.
  • Report misuses of the Tent Marks to us and the person or company using them improperly.

Please do not do these things

  • Use the Tent logo or Marks for your application’s icon.
  • Create a modified version of the Tent logo or Marks.
  • Integrate the Tent logo or Marks into your logo.
  • Use any Tent artwork without permission.
  • Use “Tent” in your company, project, or product name or domain name.
  • Describe your project as “the [whatever] for Tent”.
  • Display the Tent logo or Marks more prominently than your company or product’s.
  • Sell any Tent artwork or merchandise without permission.
  • Change the colors, dimensions or add your own text/images.

Naming projects, products, and companies

Please avoid naming your projects, products, and companies anything that implies Tent’s endorsement. This also applies to domain names.

Why we restrict use of the Tent trademarks and logos

Tent is a protocol not a service, so there is no central point of control in the ecosystem. Because of this distributed nature it is very important to make sure different Tent servers can communicate with Tent apps and each other. Users need to be able to trust that two products with the Tent logo will work together. The only way to enforce standards and compatibility is through consistent use of the Tent trademark. Everything breaks when the Tent name or logo is used on a product that is not 100% compliant with the protocol specification.

Soon there will be special logos and badges reserved for software and services that have passed the Tent protocol validator to make this even easier.

This organization exists to make sure Tent works properly. We do that in three ways: the protocol specification, reference software implementations, and enforcement of trademark guidelines. The trademarks are by far the most visible part of the project and the most powerful tool we have for keeping the Tent ecosystem compatible and interoperable

Thank you for your help and support of Tent.

Please contact us

  • If you have any questions.
  • To report abuses of these rules.
  • Before naming your product, service, or company.
  • When in doubt.

Download logo

In short, the Tent logo or Marks represent only Tent and should not be used to represent your products. You may also read the official legal terms.

Special thanks to GitHub for heavily inspiring the content and format of this page.